Letter to the Editor - the Francophonie Games

My wife & I  have been following the Francophonie Games situation very closely and ,like many others, don't think our province can afford the new cost. Saying this several things have occurred to me & I would like to hear what other NBers  think.

First : in situations like this where a 'low ball' figure is presented then ' later' the actual higher cost is revealed it is just expected that the Government(s) will simply cough up any overrun rather than have an event/project cancelled. I believe we, as NBers, have to say no more to stop this practice from continuing . Then in future if a planning committee/group isn't able to give a proper account as to the true costs then the project should be scrapped not propped up by Provincial and or Federal money.
Second: This concerns the rise of a sense of self importance in Dominic LeBlanc, MP for Beausejour & pseudo Premier of NB. Over the years it seems to me that as Mr. LeBlanc's profile has risen in Ottawa so has his need to interfere & control the Province. Mr LeBlanc seems to not only want Federal power but Provincial as well. This is clearly demonstrated ( to me ) by his recent comments to Premier Higgs which, in a nutshell , seems to say ' if you don't do what I want you can forget any future Federal funding'.
Is there anyone else that sees things in this light or is it just me ; I may be just confused as to how these 'games' are actually played. I look forward to hearing any thoughts on this.
Dave Bailie in Sackville
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