The US Softwood Lumber Subsidies Report mentions New Brunswick 26 times

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New Brunswick not listed as exempt from Tariffs.

A source has confirmed to the Brunswick Business Journal that New Brunswick is specifically targeted for tarrifs on Softwood Lumber.  The use by the American Department of Commerce of "Atlantic Provinces" indicates some ingorance in its definition. The term generally includes New Brunswick from the understanding of Canadian readers.

Use of the term Atlantic Provinces remains unclear in the official press release. 


BDC Releases First-Ever Canadian Study on High-Impact Firms High impact firms exist in all sectors across New Brunswick and Canada Accelerating their competitiveness crucial to the economy

There are over a million employer businesses in Canada but there are some that play a disproportionately larger role in provincial and Canadian economies in terms of both job creation and GDP growth.  As world economies become more globalized, the need to accelerate the competitiveness of these businesses in New Brunswick and across the country is not only pressing but crucial for maintaining Canada’s standard of living.


BDC Young Entrepreneur Award Contest -$100,000 Opportunity to Advance Your Business

Small business owners from Atlantic Canada, aged 18-35, are encouraged to apply to the cross Canada Young Entrepreneur Award contest, a once in a lifetime opportunity to set their company on a new course to growth and a brighter business future.  Since taking part in last year’s Business Development Bank of Canada Young Entrepreneur contest, Atlantic finalist Paula Macpherson, of Southgate Dentistry, has seen her start-up business boom and wants to encourage other young entrepreneurs to enter the 2015 race for $100,000.
“Entering the BDC YEA contest was one of the most exciting things I've done in my career. Being a finalist was a unique and amazing platform for reaching out to the community and showcasing what Southgate Dentistry is all about. The support we received from the people of Nova Scotia was outstanding. If you're considering applying, do it!”  Paula MacPherson – Southgate Dentistry
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